Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Day at the Beach-

Back from what turned into a 4-day "vacation" at the shore! I didn't even know I was going anywhere until Thursday, and then it was "well, why don't we?" and "well, Hell, you bet!" and so we left Friday morning intending to come back Monday, but stayed 'till today. It's hot as blazes here, I've got 347 emails in my "inbox", a pile of newspapers to catch up on, and Dick Cheney's latest antics to digest, but just a few observations from my weekend On the Beach, and the trip to and from-

-Americans are a rude, overweight people, and we drive badly.

-4 days away from all newspapers, television, radio and internet is much more restful than it should be.

-I see that Bush is still in charge, so I guess that "Magic" candle was a waste of $14.95 plus shipping. Oh well. It smelled nice.

-Lobsters remain the oddest "edibles" I've ever encountered.

-Swordfish steaks, however, done on a real-wood charcoal grill by a relative/chef who knows how to cook them, are the Food of the Gods.

-Gameboys, iPods and other electronic gizmos be damned, there is nothing more entertaining to 7 and 5-year old nephews than a whoopie cushion.

-The perfect bag of beach-books includes history, mystery and lit-racy.

-Seveteen dollars for a quart of strawberries is insane.

-6 dollars a pound for bluefish is not.

-Good friends and family make the perfect vacation.

Happy Summer, everyone!


Phoebe Fay said...

Sounds like heaven! Glad you had fun and welcome back to work, heat, newspapers, and all the rest of the day-to-day issues.

Mike said...

Well welcome back. This little corner of the blog world missed you.

There was a little place I used to go to in South Bound Brook, New Jersey that grilled up the best sword fish steaks in the world. My God, I miss that. It's hard to get good seafood in Michigan.

Kerstin said...

4 days away from all things electronic??? Sounds like heaven to me man.

Sara Sue said...

Having just spent 5 days away from all electronic devices ... except battery operated ones ... I know of the *vacation* you're talking about. Welcome back! We missed you!

Catalyst said...

SWMBO asked me last night "Is it 'the shore' on the East Coast and 'the beach' on the West Coast? Or is it a class distinction?"

I didn't have the answer. Do you?

Colonel Colonel said...

Phoebe- well, thank you! I see you've been keeping a sharp eye on things.

Mike- thanks! Yeah, I've always been a little leery of fresh seafood in the Midwest- it's hard enough to get really fresh seafood on the coasts these days.

Kerstin- I used to take my laptop down there but then started wondering what I thought I was accomplishing.

Sara- thanks! Yes, see my comment to Kerstin...

Catalyst- I'd never thought about it. It may be a regional thing. Could it also relate to how long you're going to stay? You go to The Beach for the afternoon, but vacation at The Shore?

I actually had the novel "On the Beach" in the back of my mind when I wrote the title to the post.

Sara Sue said...

I meant a *different* kind of battery operated device :)