Thursday, July 20, 2006

Random Thoughts-

One thought keeps popping into my mind when the latest news story about violence in the MidEast comes on the radio- it's a comparison. Just imagine for a moment that the leaders of Canada had declared that they were dedicated to the destruction of the United States. Then let's say that Canadian guerillas came across the border and attacked a U.S. Army outpost in Lansing, Michigan, killed a few soldiers and kidnapped a few and dragged them back to Canada. Then let's say the Canadians started shooting rockets across the border at Buffalo, Seattle and Chicago.

You know what would happen next, right? They'd be picking glowing, charred pieces of Canada out of the Indian Ocean is what would happen next.

Just an interesting comparison to keep in mind when people start wondering about whether certain countries are over-reacting.


Mike said...

Excellent point Colonel. In this case, and considering the nature of the conflict, I think Israel is showing remarakable restraint.

On the other hand, if Israel were to do absolutely nothing when they were attacked, they would no doubt be facing a certain demise.

Colonel Colonel said...

mike- it's a problem. Do nothing and you're toast, do something and you look bad. Actually, not so much of a problem- folks find a way to blame stuff on Israel all the time anyway, no matter what they do, so what's the point in simply being a punching bag?

Mybrid said...

It's really encouraging to read posts from people like you after reading and hearing the news all day about Israel being wrong.

Thank you for explaining it so nicely!