Friday, February 19, 2010

Random Musings...

- Fox news is treating the white, Christian anti-tax nut who dove his airplane into an IRS building as a “seriously disturbed individual who nonetheless had a legitimate grievance”. Any bets on how they’d have described it if he’d been a Middle-eastern Muslim?

- Tiger who??

- I was glad to see the Russian skaters back to ugly costumes- it makes me nostalgic for the 80s.

- I guess that the use of the word "batshit" in a book catalog entry really depends on the context, doesn't it?

- Oops. Those cheap chocolates I bought at Danny's Deep Discounts weren't "Ferrero Roche" –they were "Feral Roaches". They’re crunchy though, and if you hit them hard enough they stop scurrying around the plate.

- Sweet Jesus- between Global Warming & the radioactive tritium leaks from Vermont Yankee nuke plant just up the river, by July we'll have mosquitoes the size of raccoons. They’ll be carrying off squirrels in their claws and we’ll have to go after them with baseball bats. I can’t wait to make a bug-zapper big enough to deal with ‘em though...

(all the lights in the neighborhood dim)

(The smell of roasting bug drifts through the yard).

I can’t wait for Summer.


Four Dinners said...

“seriously disturbed individual who nonetheless had a legitimate grievance”

I quite agree. Sily sod should have come to England and hit our tax office. Muslims? Well, if they want us on side our tax offices are ready and waiting!!!

"Feral Roaches"???

I can comment no more as I need the loo badly before I wet myself!!!....:-)))))

Colonel Colonel said...

4-D- here in the U.S., Christians against taxes are Patriots, Muslims against taxes are terrorists. Ops, sorry, distracted by Georgian skaters costume. Gotta go.

Mrs. Chili said...

I say "batshit" all the time; it's an adjective that modifies "crazy" in my world.

anaglyph said...

No-one who wants to fly a plane into the tax department can be considered seriously disturbed. It's the ones who haven't considered it that are dangerous.

Malach the Merciless said...

Someone needs to fly a plane into Fox News