Friday, July 24, 2009


I'm pretty sure that Joey & Cissy & Mike & the Reverend and everyone else can do some slick poetryizing given the visual cue of a can labeled "Tongue Spread"...


Dr. Robert J. Murk said...

The tongue
Of a young pig
Diced and slurried
Into a spread.
I'll toast the bread.

Make mine a tongue
Son, and don't skimp
On the mayo.
Maybe a potato
To go with this
Thick meaty treat.

Quick! The can opener
I can't wait
For my plate of meat whiz.

Oh sweet Jesus give me that tongue!

Colonel Colonel said...

I'll have dip,
I'll have some clam,
I am such
a macho man.


ok, anyone can do better than me.

Malicious Intent said...

I am not even going to touch this one.

I can hardly eat these days as it is.


Beach Bum said...

Tongue Spread? And to think I thought the old stories my grandparents told about possum dinners were weird.

Malach the Merciless said...

Tongue spread my sphincter?

anaglyph said...

The idea of tongue of a cow
In a can makes me queasy somehow
It's not the refined
Kind of thing on my mind
When I set out to whip up some chow

Colonel Colonel said...

She told me "Tongue's what I like,
It can make me as high as a kite..."
but my hopes got the dash-
In my cabinet- only hash.
And she said "sorry, that's NOT what I bite!"

Anonymous said...

The post made me chuckle then each and every comment more so. my goodness you guys!