Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Post-Coffee Mutterings

So, here I am blogging. We'll see how this works. The first question is- write before or after the first cup of coffee? I'm actually a bit more coherent before the first cup; after the first cup I've had a chance to catch the morning news and read some email lists, so I'm usually in a pissier mood.

We'll try after.

So, how to spend that extra "leap second" we will get at the end of the year? And why wait until midnight for it? I want my extra second now, when I'm awake and more or less sober enough to take advantage of it.

In nearby Northampton they used to have the New Year's fireworks at midnight, but last year they moved them to 6 pm "so the children could enjoy them". What's up with that? If kids want to see fireworks they should either learn to stay up late or go make some flour bombs like we did when we were kids. Jeesh.

The RagNews is all aflutter because Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria and her Frenchy NBA-star boyfriend got into it with a traffic cop the other night. Earth to celebreties- if you are blocking the road and a cop asks you to move, move! If he happens to put his hand on your oh-so-fancy car, do not yell at him about it. What really annoyed me about the story was the story that called Longoria the "sexiest Housewife". Bull. Yes, she wears the sexiest outfits, but Marcia Cross is the sexiest actress on that series by a mile.

Over on the Bibliophile mailing list they're wondering how to actually get in touch with a human at eBay. I can tell you how- put up something that violates their rules. Otherwise, good luck. Ebay wants your money, not your whining.

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